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Topoľčany (tržnica Tri sudy)

7 bands

TOHC Music Style Crew

Visitors: | michal215 & TOHC music style © 2015 - 2019

About festival:

Hello people!
The festival will be held this year (September 14, 2019) in a new location, more precisely in the premises of the former Tri Sudy market in the center of Topoľčany (exact location in the Map section).

We mix quality from Czech-Slovak (punk, metal, hardcore, ska, grunge, rock´n´roll) but also from abroad. We will all be able to meet again and enjoy the ambience of underground culture in a completely different environment than before, but still in the open.

Location and parking area
It is not possible to park in the area, so use the reserved parking spaces.

Flushing WC at the festival premises. Raffle:
Every single payer will get one ticket for their ticket free of charge and will be able to participate in a draw that will be played from the beginning after every band, about a thing (s) just played by the band (CD's).

We look forward to seeing you and we are happy to offer you the opportunity to leave the festival not only with a good experience but also with some kind of prize.

Safety of visitors and performers:
It is forbidden to bring any drugs, weapons, explosives, glass bottles and umbrellas to the festival grounds! Otherwise, you will be the organizer of the festival!


Topoľčany - Nitra - 35 km
Topoľčany - Bratislava - 105 km
Topoľčany - Partizánske - 21 km
Topoľčany - Piešťany - 33 km
Topoľčany - Bánovce nad Bebravou - 25 km


Začiatok Konca

Beautiful Bastards


True Reason

Never Left Behind

Ironic Modern World

Dr. Pako



Ticket on the spot: 7 €


For visitors and bands Topoľčany - "Tri sudy" - Three barrels (next to Tatra banka)
GPS súradnice:


Booking & management:
IČO: 484 140 51

Email: tohcfestmusic@gmail.com
Mobil: +421 948 230 293